Lazy Sunday, the last for 2014 – PHEW!

This morning I woke and it finally hit me that we were almost done with another year. Reflecting back, I can say that some huge events happen and big changes occurred this year.

We had our baby graduate high school and promptly continue college from dual enrollment. That middle child moved into a “real” apartment from his college studio while starting his Jr year in a very highly sought after Electrical Engineering degree. (In case you missed that, yes…we have 2 in college now. WTH?!)

I can promise you that whatever you think you have planned for college … financially, emotionally, and mentally … it isn’t enough, hahaha! In fact, I encourage you to write down what you think would suffice to supplement the grants and scholarships they will receive, pin it up on the wall while you whittle your work days away to at least double it until then. Gaw, who knew?!?!

I think being a Mom is one of the most rewarding yet long suffering jobs. It started when those little darlings would crawl up into your lap with their sticky fingers and ruin your brand new shirt. I am pretty certain my clothes were not stain free until at least middle school. How many times have we cleaned the kitchen and washed that last item to return 15 minutes later to a sink/basket full. It is as if we are a video game and a “next stage” sign pops up and announces “Hey! Mom completed this level and now has nothing to do – please press button to contribute any items you may have for her to move forward in her quest”.

I was recently reminded how wonderful it was to have all my kids home at one time, and that wet towels on the floor was the reminder. I have been in my older kids homes, and not once did I ever see this anomaly happen. In fact, the middle one actually said to me “Mom, please don’t do anything while you are there” when I recently stayed in his loft for a Christmas shopping trip out of town. What did he think I was gong to do? Pay all the bills or decorate it with half of my own house of furniture? Wait, I did all of those things already. *smh*

The trade off is that I would do every second of every day all over again … except a few injuries I would like to have omitted. There are many moments I would do on a loop. I am blessed.

As I and the Etc team prepare for the new year in our memory keeping endeavor, be sure to gear up your own photos with memories. The good, the bad, the ugly…we want them all. We are going to open up our lives in more ways than we ever have and show each other how to REALLY capture your everyday life. It ain’t all rainbows and unicorns but it is ours and we should be keeping all the memories.

Come join us ~ ♥

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