Lazy Sunday – Grab a helmet and get it done!

There are days that happen in our lives that we stop and say “What is happening? What am I doing? Why isn’t someone doing this for me?” Sometimes it is in response to an old way of doing things or a new way that has sparked some renewed creativity. I know that if you are wise enough to capture yourself in that moment and realize…ohhhhhhhh … use it. Move forward in a way that will KEEP you inspired and productive. Never give up!

I have told my children many times that life can beat you up enough, don’t do it to yourself or let anyone else. When you are faced with something that inspires you, or makes you question what to do next – meet it head on and never give up until you get the prize! Get the cheese in life and wear a helmet if need too – but do it ♥



Wake up in the morning and set a goal to get 1 significant task done for the day. Sometimes it can be just to breathe in and out, but set one. Today, I am going grocery shopping.  Not an insurmountable task but one of my least favorite things to do. Please tell me I am not alone in hating the fact that NO ONE offers up items to add to the list but they never fail to say “We have nothing to eat.” Well, no you probably don’t but I have this yummy stuff I like in these bags.



(ignore the look on this woman’s face, she is clearly medicated to be that happy about groceries)

Why? Because I went to the store with my list and bought them. Hahaha! Simple and at the end of today I will have created, worked, I completed a needed “task”, and if things go well I may even organize my office. Wow! It sounds like I may be productive and hmmm, it seems I will barely have to take any effort to do it. I will probably even wear a bra and put on some makeup since I am leaving the house. Probably.



I hope you find your inner inspiration today and apply it to your life. You are your biggest fan and you should always respect that. You can do it – gab a helmet and get started!


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