Lazy Sunday – Memories and New Beginings

Recently, I experienced another first in my life. As time goes on and we progress in years, these are more elusive to appreciate.

We expect them as are growing up, learning, marrying, having children, working on our careers. When we reach a certain point, we certainly get into the thought process “been there, done that”.

I saw my oldest nephew get married to his love, and I was caught several times during the day with random thoughts – both about them and my own life observations.

Angelia and Luke


They look young, so young.

I see love in their eyes

Was I ever that young?

The beach is quite possibly the most amazing place to get married, even with the wind

I love freckles


She is beautiful, he is handsome – they are sweet together

I am so proud of this young man – he didn’t let loss keep him from love again

Life really is short. He was just in high school

His looks says he may know something we don’t – or just won the biggest prize of his life

Her look says she will hold him dear to her heart

I remember my own wedding like it was yesterday, and I still smile

I still have not forgotten my husband lost my garter belt, 19 yrs ago – haha!

I did marry the love of my life, it is confirmed

Keep in mind that new experiences can be coupled with old ones for a new take on some pages in your albums. Create a page for each and place them lovingly side by side, and see that life really does continue on in such a beautiful dance of shared events.

No matter what even happens in your life, and once encountered with a similar experience, take time to reflect on similarities or differences. It really became quite evident that after spending the day with new loves and my own old love, life it such a blissful wonderful circle.

Embrace it and let it embrace you back

.. like a hug.

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