Lazy Sunday Post – Feeling all the Feels

This week as I announced a decision publicly to close my current store, it brought back a flood of the feels I had over the past few months back when I made the actual decision.

I confirmed that some would not respond to the change, either by design that they just don’t care or the simple “people move on – no big deal”. I was touched and humbled by the amount of emails, messages, texts, phone calls to all those that have sought out a moment to just tell me they were thinking of me and mostly “congratulations”. It didn’t matter what I was doing next in my design decision, they threw themselves at my back to support to me and be the rock that has held Etc together for 5 years.

These thoughtful moments were from team members, designers, customers, scrap peeps, chat friends, hang-out buddies and even in the form of a hug from a special guy that simply said “I believe in you” or “I love your strength to change – not everyone can”.


As I have walked through the past 5 years with this incredibly loving group of friends, in design or life, I have always tried to practice what I preached. Feel the feels and let my instinct guide me especially in business. I have only not listened to my gut once, and in rectifying that I am hoping to move forward in the way I set out from the beginning.

Hang in there while we put on our tutu’s, blow glitter around and bring out all the good things that make this team and Etc what we love about both.


Life, Love, and Etc truly means that those things are and have been my main focus – they are the glue of our design. Thank you, thank you for so many thoughtful words of support and encouragement this week. You truly make us feel the feels ♥

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Post – Feeling all the Feels

  1. Amen Hooker! I’m here for you and always will be! I am confident that your decisions are the right ones, I feel it inside of me, and will support you on this new path! (*Hugs*)

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