Lazy Sunday – Let’s talk facial hair, can we?

When I met my dear sweet guy about 23 yrs ago, he was this sweet funny flirty man with a goatee and mustache – it was a work of art on that face! I loved that he even had facial hair – crazy for that guy and his face!

I grew up in the love of a era that the guys had hair, and they owned it! Tom Selleck , Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Leslie Flynn – it was part of what and who they were. Sigh…….

Fast forward to many years of his work – he is a career firefighter. He has to wear safety equipment that requires him to only have a mustache – and a finely trimmed one at that – as long as his mask fits – still a good thing in my book ♥

Recently – this happened:


The guys at work making fun of him – jealousy I will assume ♥

There is a whole new revolution – way past the “Movember” or bearded guys – I literally would just drool when we were out and saw so many guys with hair, hipster or not. This thing is HUGE – again!


He is growing out his “stache” for a bit of a “handle bar” action!  In my mind, this could go a few ways:

Sedate and culturely handsome:


Cooky Machoo:


Ready for a competition:


Fiddler Crab:


I did recently purchase some mustache wax for his endeavor. Apparently, you are required to have hair product on hand, Softening, brushing, waxing, wax removing…the list is rather daunting. For your mustache. On your face.

There is no way us women would even talk about this.

“Oh, I am going to grow my chin hairs out!”

“That is so cool! What are you going to do”

“Join the circus – duh”

Wish me luck, or maybe him luck – my dear Mario Luigi guy

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday – Let’s talk facial hair, can we?

  1. LOL! this was too funny. Sad to say, I’m pretty sure the fiddler crab won’t fit in the mask. Will have to stay tuned to see how this turns out. I love mustaches too.

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