Lazy Sunday Post – Hurricanes and punch

Recently, as in this past weekend, the Florida coastline prepared for our first hurricane this year. I love the fact we made it this far in the season without one, and even more so that it was not near the panhandle. After the last few, I am sure we are at our decade quota.

There are a few “non essential” things we Floridians do to prepare for these hurricanes, no matter their size. You tell us there is a tropical depression off the lesser Antilles, and we are already formulating a plan.

  1. We joke – about the upcoming mad dash all the “tourists” do to empty out the grocery/home improvement/liquor stores. I am not kidding even a little. Then we all secretly get in our cars and do exactly what we joked about – sometimes.
  2. We watch the news programs, feeds, FB, because there is really only question to be answered to find out what our next few days plans are. Where is Jim Cantore?
  3. The employee in us is already trying to see how we can get out of coming into work that day or the next…few. “hmmm, I see a cloud off in the distance, so maybe I should just shelter in place – to be safe. I understand we are about 1000 miles from the center, but the Gulf is a mysterious mistress – this thing could turn …..”
  4. Purchase gas for the grill, because you know we are going to be cooking up a slab of something out of the freezer if the power goes out, or even if it doesn’t.
  5.  We make Hurricane punch. There are actually a LOT of some down home amazingly tasty  “Southern” recipes, and we all have our favorites. This is mine, tweaked from a friend’s version – I get asked to bring this more than anything I can even make – including food, except maybe my devilled eggs:
  • 1 can of Dole Pineapple Juice
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 container frozen lime aid
  • 2 cups of Sprite or 7-Up, your preference
  • Tad of cherry juice. tad=tblspoonish
  • Special ingredients for large batch – various fruits (strawberries, cherries, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi) Keep the fruit in the punch container, even if you make multiple batches on top of each other…let it soak the flavors up. When you finally get to the bottom of the punch – if you are a quitter – save for the hangover you know you are going to have and eat your soaked fruit salad. Well worth the morning buzz – hair of the dog and all
  • 1 bottle of 90 proof Parrot Bay Coconut Rum – yes, people. 90 proof unless you are a weakling. We Floridians don’t know the meaning of that word. I would never tell you which size bottle, you use your own judgement for this. I do an equal parts, but I am an expert. Punch maker 😉


As the storm updates came in, and I knew we were no where near the storm this time, I still had this feeling of community – where I needed to be supportive of my fellow Floridians.

So I made punch…and created for a while.


This is only a test

Now, if this had been an actually emergency, the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news, or instructions.

To my fellow Floridians that did not do as fair, our thoughts are with you ♥

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