Lazy Sunday Post – Let me brag

This past week, I ordered not 1 but 5 Christmas presents. Yes, you heard me.


And none of them were for me. I was a good girl

I am not sure what was going through my mind as I browsed, but I found a few perfect items while browsing. The price was right so I loaded up my cart and checked out. All in my pajama’s – my new favorite way to shop.

There is something about “multiple tabs open” that gives comparative shopping a little bit of a thrill. An endeavor of your ability to ferret out a good deal.

“Hmmm, this one is a whole $buck cheaper – SOLD!”

“Free shipping? Why yes, I think I will  -SOLD!”

Do I miss the old days of shopping – without “the internet”? Yeah, I kinda do. I remember way back when, there was a definite satisfying moment when you heard the old knuckle buster credit card imprinters slide back and forth across your card wrapped in those little layered slips.  It was like an exclamation on your purchase.

“swipsh – swapsh. You did it!”

Manual credit card machine and carbon receipt
Manual credit card machine and carbon receipt

Much more satisfying then the loud “wrenk wrenk wrenk” when you leave you new “chip card” in the reader at check out. Why did they create that noise? It sounds like you did something wrong.

“Oh no, you purchased things you shouldn’t have!”

There was also something to be said about carrying all those bags at the end of a satisfying shopping day. Loading them in to the car, usually the trunk – which is not something you even use everyday. Like a symbol of your great shopping expedition, especially back to school when you were a kid. – you remember these experiences, all parts of them.

Going through them bag by bag when you got home. Getting excited all over again about the “super cool” whatever and the “grown-up”  thingamabob. Creating and re-creating outfits – except for the pair of jeans you need to return because they are too tight.

No, I did not try them on – this is my size. Yes, I did have an extra piece of cheesecake last week. Hmmm, maybe I will just keep them, I will fit into them one day. Or maybe lay on the bed to zip them up – nevermind, not today, but one day

Luckily, these presents I found are perfect. They fit. They prove that one can be organized and work on a plan of having all holiday shopping done by Dec 1st – so the season is enjoyed a little bit more without last minute rushes. Hopefully, as the kids wander back home, I will have lots of free time to spend. I have a plan and I am sticking with it.

Bragging rights – #winning

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Post – Let me brag

  1. I think it’s even more fun as the boxes arrive and you get to peek and see them again and get those giddy feelings about how perfect it is. Now you get more times to enjoy and anticipate the gifts.

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