Lazy Sunday – Just walk away

This year, it was decided by the “I don’t know, I guess I will since no one else will” Gods, to host Thanksgiving dinner. This is small list of the things I learned along the way.

  1. Cleaning house for company makes no sense. They just slop around and get things all messy and moved around again anyway.
  2. Cats are a-holes. Especially the ones that will knock stuff off the counter after you mop the kitchen then walk through it before you return to the room. #syrup #stickykittyprints
  3. Pre cooking about 1/2 your meal all afternoon the day before, then finding that you still had the oven going another 4 hours the day of. Our AC came on from the heat. OUR AC CAME ON!
  4. Cooking for people that either don’t care what you cook  OR the ones that complain about every single item. “I don’t like onions in this”, “These rolls taste ‘different’ “, “When did you start making this to please XXX? I was told if I didn’t like, get over it and eat something else”. Walking away before I cause harm.  #tothemoonalice
  5. Making a list, checking it twice. Ordering online grocery for quick pick up. Forgetting several items, then sending kid to store to grab. Start cooking, remembering several other items, creating another list, and texting hubby that you need more stuff. Go to sleep, remember more stuff you need, then sending hubby to store with another list. Hubby adding stuff to list you don’t need. It is brutal, this memory and these lists
  6. Watching all your friends post memories online with their amazing table-scapes, beautiful place settings, perfectly lighted photos, family smiles – thinking. WOW! “Honey, I forgot paper plates and Solo cups. I need you to go to the store.”
  7. No matter how many times you tell people when you eat, they show up randomly between the hour before and about 3 hours later. Just when you think it is safe to start packing up – nope, another crew comes through.
  8. The family member/members that never ever show up with any contribution and immediately start. “I didn’t know what to bring” blah, blah. Walking away before I remind them about the new invention of the phone. It is really cool.
  9. There is never enough storage containers for yourself and ALL THE THINGS you send home with the same people that NEVER bring anything – even storage containers. I mean, surely. We worked hard to provide the meal. Cook the meal and serve it in as pleasant an environment as possible. Isn’t the least we can do is send the meal home with you – in our containers? #takeout
  10. Knowing that it will take a death in the family, possibly a birth, definitely another holiday before we will see each other again. But I can bet – We will cook, they will come, they will eat, and take-out.
  11. We will talk about stupid crap we have done since we saw each other last. Share stories of times they had before some of us were part of it. Stare down at least one person for the last helping of a favorite. We will laugh, love, then we will walk away until next time.

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