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I am often asked “How did you get started?” I wish I had some profound insight that would have you running to a craft space waving a “I’m ready” flag, but I really don’t have a sudden moment that I declared “I am a memory keeper”. I think that we all are somewhere deep inside and I can prove you are too if you have ever taken even one photo of a memory. Some of us document those memories and some hold them in a soul space that we never to let out.

I will compare my personal story to a day at the beach. You excitedly pack up all the essentials to enjoy your day with the people that you love and want to share some time with. Adapting to changes in the settings from morning to evening with light, mood, just enjoying the little moments that come your way. You notice subtle shifts in angles and take photos to look again at a later time that make your heart smile. You feel free for a space of time and maybe send your troubles for a little while away with the breeze. You laugh, play, talk as you share time and in the process make new memories. It is that simple. Your life doing what you love is where your memories begin and is the easiest of stories to tell. Telling those stories by sharing with others is what defines a memory keeper. That is where you start, from here. This moment, this memory and I promise you that your albums will become treasures.

Things I Love:

  • My family, beach life, the view from my hammock
  • Laughing out loud, crying at sappy movies, inappropriate humor
  • Mimosa’s, reading, walking barefoot in cool grass, bonfires
  • Vintage white pitchers, recycled/up-cycled items, thrift shopping
  • My husband’s hand resting in the small of my back
  • Colby and Gizmo, being a grand-mother, all things Disney
  • Art, knitting, traveling, Alabama football
  • Whispering secrets, sarcasm, verbal banter
  • Rainy days, couch snuggles, Netflix series
  • Movie nights, midnight conversations, giggles
  • Flip flops, sunglasses, watermelon, and Southern cooking

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