TOU: Commercial

Terms of Use Commercial Use Products in store:

Under the terms of this agreement, you MAY:
• Use my designs to make scrapbook products (including kits, papers, elements, templates quick pages, product previews, web or blog graphics or promotional materials) for sale or as freebies, this is a Limited Professional Use agreement only. Neither can you print my designs as is and offer them for sale in a printed format.
• Use my designs to make quickpages or printable or hybrid items (such as treat bag toppers or cards) to be sold as downloadable files.
• Create custom cards, layouts and invitations for your clients provided that they only receive final, flattened versions of the product (i.e. no psd files, no individual papers/element files, etc).
• Use samples created with my products in your galleries and portfolios (with credit given to Etc by Danyale Designs).
• Use the graphics in your web design projects for clients – HOWEVER – if purchasing a single product license a separate Limited Professional Use License must be purchased for each site where the graphics are used. Credits must also be given on the website (“Graphics created by Etc by Danyale at”).
• Small time craft endeavors where the designs are used in hand made products sold at local craft fairs or similar.
• For blog design where the finished design is supplied in 72dpi only I DO allow my graphics to be used on your personal non-profit making blogs without the purchase of an additional license. I just ask that you credit me on any blog where you display my designs (and an email to show me your work is always appreciated too!)

Under the terms of this agreement, you MAY NOT:
• Produce projects for mass production or distribution. This license allows for *small business use only*.
• Distribute these graphics in any format except for the uses defined above.
• Claim these graphics as your own, either in their original state or in an altered state PLEASE NOTE: Credit must be given (where possible) to “Etc by Danyale Designs”.
• All products created by Etc by Danyale Designs are copyrighted by Etc by Danyale Designs with all rights reserved.
• This license covers my portion of collaboration kits only. Please either contact me or the other designer in question for their terms of use.