TOU: Personal

Terms of Use Personal Use:

UPDATED 2019 – My products are created for personal use only.*

**You MAY:
Use this for personal scrap projects, hybrid projects, picture enhancement, signature tags etc..

Recolor, re-size and make small alterations to the designs to fit your needs and to match whatever you are working on.

Use product sfor contest, magazine or other publications in a personal manner

**Provided credit is given to Etc. by Danyale where applicable in forums, galleries,


Share this design with anyone else!
Please direct those interested back to where you obtained it.

Give out or sell parts of this kit in pieces or whole to anyone else in digital file.

Use this design to produce your own design (meaning you may not use any part of this as a design tool) in creating an item you are selling for profit.

Use this to create anything mass produced, such as web templates, Myspace/FB graphics, cafe press, candy wrappers for sale- etc .

Use this to create anything to promote or signify anything of illegal or inappropriate
nature. I pride myself on being a family oriented person, and wish that my designs be used in such nature.

If you have any questions about something, or to make sure something you do is okay by the TOU feel free to contact me at

I would love to see anything you create with this design, Feel free to drop me a link or share through my blog at