Evil Asha Grin

Okay, before any of you say something about my little peanut’s “ninnies”, I did not take this picture. Her mom had taken her on a legitimate photo shoot by the water, and as with all kids, clothes eventually came off. She had never been near water before, and headed straight for it. I would love to say she had the right amount of fear, eased her way towards the shore in quiet fascination. But I won’t lie. She charged that water with a clear mission to see how far, how wet, and how long she could dig her little toes in the sand. She was fascinated by the way the sand felt and tasted, henceforth the evil grin she had on her face. “Look at me, I’m getting dirty” I’m sending this out to you because, again, I’m waiting to hear when she will recieve her little Halloween package from Do-do (pronounced doe-doe, Emi’s idea that we should all have kooky names) Who knew that a diaper and a grin could be an excellent costume?!

Digital quickpage by Glam Fairy Designs, “Witchout”, font is Angelica

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