Firefighter Wives

This is a personal tribute to the spouses of firefighters. I have been married to my own hero for 13 years. I have spent my days running errands to keep busy, many holidays “keeping a plate warm”, and many nights listening for the sound a vehicle makes in your driveway only you recognize. Waiting is what we do best. Waiting is what is expected and part of the life you agree to when you choose to marry a firefighter. Through all of my own personal waiting, I always remind myself………..No child in pain, no elderly grandparent living alone, no family watching their life’s posessions burn, is waiting on my firefighter. He is on his way, with you and yours on his mind as he navigates through traffic that doesn’t hear his truck siren or see it’s myriad of lights. He is already mentally preparing what you may need, and anticipating what you may not.

As I write this, I am waiting for my firefighter….again, but I have never had to wait for his “I missed you today” or ” I miss sleeping in my own bed”. So, if you are who my firefighter is helping today, I’m glad you have him………I love to share my hero.

Digital papers and elements courtesy of S. Scarling “Dinner Party”, red bandana alphabet courtesy of , text font is Boulder.

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