Mammogram 08′

I have to ask, who came up with the name Mammogram? Considering every woman has to go through this process, why couldn’t they come up with a more female friendly name…….like, “Le Breasta Elegante”….no, makes me think of elevator music…..maybe a funny name like “viseotip”? kinda sounds like a tool…I think even something silly such as “pink slip”? Considering the campaign uses pink, most of the gowns in these offices are pink, and they sure are shades of pink once they are finished with them! Regardless, I hope everyone listened to the commercials and went to have their mammogram done. After my Mother was diagnosed just this past month with DCIS, even after her surgeries, they advised that there was no possible way she could have felt the lump. It would have been years for her to have noticed. Hers was found only after her finally having her regular appointment, three years since her last one. She will undergo radiation, and screening on a more rigorous schedule, but think of all those years she bought herself with her 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild! Take a moment to love yourself enough or at least to respect the love others have for you! Think of it as an excuse to go out and buy new underwear and bras………who wants to be seen in the crap you have your drawer? The last few years, as most of you know, have shown me many “inside” pictures of myself. They were tiny snapshots of all things near and dear. Two cancer scares myself (thyroid and colon),several radical surgeries, and of course a lot of visible and non visible scars. It taught me many things. You can never love too much, laugh too much, never tell people how much you appreciate them enough, and you can never…… ever hug your kids too much. So my challenge for the day, go hug your spouse, your kids, your parents, or even just a friend you know may need one! Then take some pictures of those you may not have enough of, and some of yourself, then come home and scrapbook them. Don’t forget that you are an important part of your life’s equation. I hope the weather where you are is as great as our weather on the coast. Lots of love to you, and of course a hug from me~~~~~
Digital papers and elements courtesy of Trixie Scraps Designs “Sparkle of Love” Project Sunshine Mission 1, font is Catherines College Days

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