More Pictures On A Page

Okay, Ladies………I have made several pages (in digital, no less!) that prove you can put more than one or two pictures on a page. I know for effect, we often place only one photo to show mostly the product. I am okay with that . I have hundreds of pages with less than three photos, maybe five total on a double layout! I really think in your own scrapbooks, be they on paper or digital, the rule is…….there is none. Do what you want! Lay them out in row after row, singular, grouped by color or event, pocket page them……whatever makes you smile when you look at them.
Do not let our ideas, push you in direction you don’t want to go. Base your pages on what you want people to say or feel about them. Just make sure you continue to scrapbook them away. Don’t let them sit in a box, or on a digital card for long. Scrap and journal as soon as possible, so you won’t forget a detail that will surely be missed if you wait.
For all my friends that have asked, yes I am going through my picture stash and doin’ em’ digi style. I am trying to keep some of the pictures similiar to what I have done on paper so you will see how close traditional and digital really are! And no, I still can not answer which way I like best, because the traditional way is still easier for me at this point, but you know I love the challenge of learning anything new in the scrap world. I will be placing some of my original work in a slide presentation, and some of my hybrid/altered art stuff as well………so see you next time, and bring your big girl pants……no more whining that you can’t do this…. I challenge everyone to do at least one page and send to my email……get to it! Love ya’ll!
Digital papers and elements “Summer Splash” by Christinescraps @ Been There Scrapped That, font is black boys on mopeds.

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