Oh! What a Monday’s

Can I start by saying that I have had several Monday’s in a row now, and I think that is incredibly unfair? My mornings are pretty typical……up, coffee, pill a day for rest of my life, coffee, last minute drying of things I forgot,kids off to school, coffee, scrapbooking, emails, phone calls, coffee, errands…..well you know the drill. My middle son got his driver’s license……please email request for schedule of times he will be on the road so you avoid our area……I had a small panic attack when we got the insurance qoute ( I also need to notate for future reference, my husband laughed like I was joking). As I made my way through the morning, I notice two things. I have a lot of “L’s” in my life. A huge upgrade from all the previous “D’s” and “P’s” I had in my life ( a few of my close friends will actually get the double meaning of those letters)
I do strive to fill my days with lots of love, laughter, freedom from labels that life attaches to you, liberal sprinkling of my opinion even if most don’t care, one lane in and out of county for years since IVAN, lines at the grocery store, lines on my face (isn’t that in a song?…..Life in the Fast Lane?), leaves changing on the trees so fast, lots and lots of ribbon and scrapbooking, lazy morning rocking chair and levels of blood to caffeine ratio, but most of all the “L” that changed it all for me. Lewis, as in Mr. Lewis. My daily dose of man that keeps going even after three or four Monday’s in a row. Here’s to you, as I raise my coffee cup in the air, may you have a great week. Remember girls, I will be working on Thursday, so bring you all your pages and questions and we will solve them together!!!!
Digital paper is Kreative Karma “True Meaning of Christmas” @Faith Sisters, Love element by Megan Turnidge ‘Funky Love’ @ Digital Designs, paint splatter “ribbon” Robin Carlton “Hit The Books” @ Sweet Shop Designs, splatter element “Boys club” by Sweet Blossom Designs

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