Best Wishes….Todd???????

I don’t even know what to type……..this was too funny, so I had to share it with you all! Back in September, being the good Mom that I constantly strive to be, I ordered a free personalized sample Fruit Roll-Up. They offered them to registered members on Box Tops for Education, and of course Emi collects those for school, so……I go online and type in all the necessary fields…..

Which Design? Santa and candy canes….check
Personalized Greeting? Merry Christmas….check
Name of child? Emilee….check

They then show you a completed project like the one you just created, and I have to say mine was perfect…duh! Click enter, and they send your special, one of a kind treat in 4-6 weeks. Well………9 weeks later, I recieved it in the mail, and promptly placed it in the “stocking treats” bag hidden in my closet. On Christmas Eve, as usual, I put all their stocking stuffers in their 3FT LONG STOCKINGS… you know why I start really early with those things!!!!! They wait until last to open presents in their stockings because they know this is where Mom usually gets creative (lottery tickets, customized candy, animated toys that “poop” candy….you know, the usual) When Emilee opened hers, we noticed her really trying to focus on what it said. She looked up and busted out laughing, and asked

“Who’s Todd?”
“Okay, I’ll play, who is Todd?” I replied, thinking another joke was coming.
Then she said “Seriously, who’s Todd?”
“I don’t know a Todd, what do you mean?” I asked.

She tipped her head to the side, raised her eyebrows, and said deadpanned “My roll-up says….’Best Wishes, Todd’, and I don’t get it” her head moving from side to side.
No kidding! She had recieved some birthday roll-up, decorated with cupcakes and party hats meant for some kid named Todd. We laughed so hard, my son spewed his Coke he had been drinking, which made us all laugh even harder, which made previous mentioned coke escaped out his nose, which made us laugh harder….you get the picture! I live in a house full of goofy, quirky people! I have never laughed more at anyone in my entire life, than I have at the people I live with. I hope if any of you know a “Todd” , who’s birthday was between Sept and whenever, you will tell him……. we are sorry we got his roll-up, Emilee ate it immediately, and please enjoy the strawberry flavored Emilee Santa’s.

Digital papers and elements “Primary Grunge”courtesy of A Work In Progress, font is Catherines College Days

2 thoughts on “Best Wishes….Todd???????

  1. Wow, I had some catching up to do here! have had a great read though! LOVE LOVE LOVE your hybrid thank you cards! I am still a bit afraid of that, I think the fact that it would be good to leave it and come back later may make me postpone trying hybrid, until the boys are a bit bigger, leaving anything like that around now, would be asking for trouble!
    GLAD you had a great Xmas, love that Santa once got M&Ms and Coke, at our house this year he got 1 grape, 4 cheese balls and some crisps, Rudolph got a carrot, oh and Santa got a glass of sherry.

    I’ll be back soon
    Take care

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