I am brilliant!!!! No, seriously….this drain bamaged chick has done it again! (lol) Whatever……….I can’t keep a straight face when I say that even while typing, but I have created something that isn’t just another square, cookie cutter like scrapbook, and is smaller than a bread box. I really wanted to have a different scrapbook page/layout/whatever this Christmas.I started this project without a clear plan. I knew I would have to wing it due to the different types of products I was using. They varied in size, texture, and stability…so getting them chosen was the easy part, putting them together?….hmmmmmmm.

Photo mats, stickles, ribbons, flowers,”stuff”

clear acrylic frames and die cuts

specialty die cut papers, these I folded or cut.

Some of the Hybrid products I used: 1. Weeds and Wildflowers “Traditions” wordart, 2. Kim B’s santa hat, 3. Linda Walton Bon Scrapatit “Holiday Sparkle” wordart, 4. Sweet Digi Scraps Candy Cane, 5. Weeds and Wildfloweers Christmas card. I printed these items on cardstock so they would hold up to the project.
You can make this a total digital hybrid by printing off the background papers you have downloaded. I just have tons of traditional, and refuse to go all digital. This project can work completely in both arenas!
Once I had assembled everything I thought I would use, I started bending, folding, cutting, stacking and making an even bigger mess than I had when I started……pretty much a typical Danyale project. Among what looks like a lot of mish mash, I could really see how fabulous this was going to be. When I got them stacked so that I could see the specialty edges poke out the way I wanted them, I started punching my first “center hole”.

I did this to all my “pieces” so I could clip on my first ring. This gave me the guideline I needed to place the other holes. (you can only use a three hole punch if your items are the same size…mine were not) Some pieces got only two holes..top and middle, or middle and bottom….depending on where they were in my “stack”. Once my holes were punched, rings in place, the project was all done but the EMBELLISHMENTS!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!! Of course this is my favorite part….cuttin’, inkin’, glueing, pounding on some metal brackets, and just making it all spar-ke-ly…..:) I even used a couple of Christmas cards, punched to fit in somewhere among the mix. (great way to save….tired of the old pocket page layout) And here it is ladies….my finished 6×12 project,sans pictures.

I would say start to finish (taking in account I still have to add my pictures)and if you don’t attempt to do some of the work while watching Alabama lose the Sugar Bowl…:(……you can have this done in about 2 hours. I just picked through my traditional stuff, thought of what I might need in digital, printed, grabbed, and went to work. I am not one to make light of actual work involved, so I feel pretty certain this is one of those projects that looks a lot more complicated than it is! I left nothing out, so there are no secret tricks to share. So…….let me know what you think, and if you choose to scraplift this project………please send me some pics to the e-mail listed in my profile. Now, I have to quit playing and get a nap for the ADSR starting Sunday….WooHoo….and we’re off!

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  1. What fantastic result!! I often start with no clear plan and find the results are brilliant (well, I think so!).
    Thanks for the great advice on sleep..or lack of it. I went to bed for an hour this afternoon and actually managed t sleep for a while!! Hurrah, only a short time but it’s a start. I sent my mum to bed at the same time, just to make sure she didn’t get into miscief whilst I was resting!!
    Thanks again!!

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