My Husband Looks For The News Crew

Actually, he really doesn’t, because the rule around the firehouse is…..”if you make the paper or the news, you have to buy ice cream”. Here’s where you see more subtle difference between men and women. I would have said…” if you make the paper or the news you have to…….pick up my dry cleaning…….do the check-book for a month….unload the dishwasher for a week, and why is that worse than loading it?…….I would have chosen something to take a load off my butt, not put some on it.
These photos were taken by the local paper, and ran last week with a nice story about the fire department. This car fire happened down the road from the local high school, around the corner from our house, and about the same time school was letting out! So there was heavy traffic, and only two lanes for these trucks to get to the poor driver. I think my husband is the only Chief I have ever met that still dresses out in bunker gear. He says “I will NEVER ask my men to do something I’m not willing to do myself” Yes, I am a lucky lady. What is that saying…….”The true measure of a man is not what he has learned from his ancestors, but what he teaches his descendants”? When the fire pager goes off and our kids aren’t here my heart flips just a little. This same week Russell had been having trouble with his truck, some electrical short or something, and they had worked on it a couple days. So you can imagine my face when the pager went off, and Mark flew out the door. Fortunately it wasn’t our son and the driver was out of the car when the department got there, but stuff like this just makes me crazy with worry most days. You watch enough movies and tv and you start thinking cars will just blow up (which really doesn’t happen very often, but still) Just another example of the difference between men and women. Mark laughed at me, to my face!….when I asked him about the whole blowing up thing. How was I supposed to know, I’m EMS not fire. Now…… CPR I can do in my sleep, drinking coffee, but fires……that’s why I married a firefighter, who could work on cars, and give really great back rubs. I love ya bunches, Markem……
Digital paper “Bookshelf” by Zalinka, elements as follows: frames and coffee ring “Home Sweet Home” by JCafe, leather strap “Broken” by Helly, heart “Mocha Latte” Nicole Young, clocks “Wattle” Zalinka, stamp “Brown Paper Packages” by Yin, staple by Donair, and font is Cambria.

One thought on “My Husband Looks For The News Crew

  1. LOL Girl, I soooo know that story….who knew that cars don’t really blow up like they do in the movies….well most of the time;). Love, Love the layout!! You have a very special man….just don’t let his head get too big….LOL:). Catch you later!! Blessings!!!

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