I Had My Own April Fools….To Myself

April Fool’s ……on me……by myself……what a day!
I was so proud to have one of my hybrids to share today, that I just clicked my way around BTST, Scrapable and GP….uploading my photo and pasting links to the kits. I was almost completely done, when…….WHAM! April Fool’s….I realized I had been loading the wrong picture!….idiot!
It started last week when Emi was showing me how “good” she was at scrapbooking. Of course I agreed completely and let her help me. As she stacked the word album in order, pushed in the brads to connect,and held it out to me with a grin on her face…..I couldn’t wipe the smile off. She ran a grabbed the camera so we could take a picture to show the designer a partial idea of what to expect (I never trust myself with someone else’s projects)Because Emi was standing right there the whole time, I couldn’t change it and decided…Micha, the designer, could probably use the laugh. Emilee had stacked the GIRL album to spell…..GILR. I of course, had finished the project by adding the things I wanted so I could place it on our entrance hall table (OCD…things need to match)Pictures were taken and shrunk, uploaded and linked…then, APRIL FOOLS! Poor Leigh had pm’d me and tried to reach me on messenger to ask what kind of blonde moment(no offense)I was having!
Well the completed project is simple, and the template was super easy to use and re-size for my purpose…..and here it is

*****image is linked to word album*****

I used the fabulous “Take My Breath Away” kit by Sweet Digi Scraps…so I did double duty on this ct assignment…….but it was worth it. The album ended up holding 9 pictures and a little note Emi had written me one day while she was at school, too sweet!
I hope everyone is having a fun Fool’s day…..even if you fool yourself!

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  1. work on page with little rabbit!!!But I have little sale in my store(‘fight for every customers’) and in this moment all my attention are focus on job!!!…soon,maybe tommorow…

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