Yep, The Bunny Has Returned

At this moment, with coffee in hand, my house is quiet. NOT FOR LONG!!!! Asha is home for two weeks and this place is it’s usual madhouse. The last two days have been a balance of just enough coffee to allow me to keep up with those little two year old legs and not so much I can’t crash the very second after she does! Have I said lately I love my DVR? Although not an advocate of tv raising children, as a parent of twenty fours years…….I am almost certain physical harm would have happended to one of my kids or their friends, if the visual babysitter had not existed. I remember my oldest surviving his “painting incident” on the merits of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alone. At least until he used his stuffed versions as a landing pad for the bunk-bed rocket ship. That was a definite “bud nipping” moment.
We have been shopping/and buying like girls do. We admired the pretty new fire trucks that Pee-Pop bought and their “funny” lights. Spent some time browsing for “I get it myself” books at the library (and I am almost certain my precious genious could read “The Book Of General Ignorance” with it’s cute gnome on the cover if she really wanted)….go look it up, it does exist……….and she did want to check it out, lol, but I thought the guy talking on his cell phone and surfing the net loud enough for all us to hear, could benefit from it more. So I handed it to him on our way out. What?……I feel certain that certain social obligations are necessary, and think Asha should learn to be involved with the community…..just doing my part……and all this before 11:00 a.m.
Speaking of Random Acts of Kindness…..look at this fabulous cute layout Lillian did of Asha with her new kit “Springtime”….

How stinkin’ cute is that! The image is linked to her blog, where you can find the kit in her freebies index! I love the newsprint faded background papers in it, and can’t wait to have a moment to scrap the 92 pics I have so far, lol! Oh my, and it is only Tuesday……I have photo issues. No wonder Asha just looks at me out of the corner of her eye sometimes….she knows I have lost my mind and loves me too much to tell me……

One thought on “Yep, The Bunny Has Returned

  1. sweetheart I see your comment..but sometimes it’s very hard for me speaking english…my brain doesn’t work always..wink!Thank you so much for posting my page here and for all kind words!!

    btw….I was downlad your freebie!!!

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