Yes, I Finally Finished…!

Good Morning and Happy Monday…I have my coffee, some instructions, and only one lost photo of the date minder…hahahaha! Who knows where that bugger went to with all the layouts I have been working on…my pse has a burn smell to it right now, LOL!
I hope everyone went and picked up the fabulous kit Liz made, and now we can move on to the second easy part. I started with a 5×7 transparent. This will be the size we use all through the project as a starting page. I chose this size because I did want to throw this in my purse or car….didn’t want too small or way big…just a little something! Then I pulled the papers, elements, and photos I wanted to use on the cover…just like a layout.
(I put pictures of people that were on my mind…sweet Asha, my best drinking buddy and confidant “Wendyliscious”, and the photo of Russell I used on his gradutation invite…too cute!)

Here is what came of that:

How about that title?….that is just what it feels like sometimes, random crap, so I am going with it!
****sidenote, I made a small one for my desk to keep up with my ct and scrapbook projects…titled “just random scrap I need to do this week” heeheehee******

Then, with another 5×7 start page, I made a “second layout”….using the week in review, included in the kit….decorated it and filled in some things I knew were already on my schedule. The date strip marked this Sunday, May 17, to help me mark this week:


I then knew I had to have some pockets for reciepts, business cards, permission slips, etc. you can do the same thing here……Start with your 5×7 transparent size, drag your papers/elements over and label accordingly to your useage. I was able to fit two on one, you will cut these out later:


Same thing here on my next “layout”. I made another 5×7 generic am/noon/pm for those weekly appts. that don’t change. (example: Emi piano on Mondays…4:00 pm) I printed a total of 7 of these as they will mark each day of the week. I do have a background paper on this, but lost that photo…sorry, but you will see it in final preview.


Now here is also where you can choose what you want to do and how much time you want to spend…I cut up 5×7 sizes of notebook paper and placed 7 behind these, and wrote in my week on those papers. This cuts down on ink cost, and I can write in pencil and erase as needed without destroying the pretty papers Liz made for us….:)
I also made another 5×7 and just laid out the days of the week elements on it to print, cut out and add later to each day.
As you add to your date minder each week………you will only be printing a new “Week in review” and cutting out more loose-leaf. Pretty frugal, huh?

This is the point where I printed and cut out my 5 pages, pockets and various elements, filed and inked the edges of everything….it is an addiction..hahahahaha! When I cut out my pockets, I glued on three sides and attached to the regular scrap paper on backs of printed project papers. I punched out two holes on every page, lined up and centered.
This is the inside cover and first page. It has my first pocket page for reciepts and my “Week in Review”:

You will notice the days of the weeks that I cut out and place along the edges of each day. It is “fanned” out so you can see the details of each page at a glance and the changes in background papers I used, but when all grouped together…really looks great and acts like tab dividers! You can choose to shorten each page on the inside if you want it to have this look when it is opened…make this project yours!

This is page 3 and 4….it has another pocket page for business cards and my “weekly appts.” page (again, I did use traditional scrap papers I had in my left-over scraps on inside cover and backside to each page to help strengthen the overall book) When you add in your looseleaf, it is rather substantial, so you can choose not too.

Here is the final product in preview…

After stacking up each page from cover to back…I just clipped on some matching rings. I would normally cut ribbons and tie on these, but because this was going in my purse, chose not to. Besides, you need to be able to add to it weekly easily.
The whole project used only….the fabulous kit, paper (computer and scrap), scissors, glue, and rings. Not a big list, and only took me about the same amount of time a digi scrap layout takes….depends on the details.
For those scared to try this, you really just need to change your mind set to this…..This is just another layout…the only difference is you will print and cut. Start each page with that in mind, and move to the next one. When you have your “pages” done….you will print, you will cut…..end of traumatic “hybrid” anxiety!
I hope I have given enough instructions…I feel like I left something out, but darned if I can figure it out…LOL! Besides, I need to work on some layouts for Liz’ SYTYCD Week 3! We are all sooooooo proud of and excited for Liz…this is just a great opportunity for all of our digital Designers!
Make sure you scroll down to previous post, click over and snap it up. As a show of support for her hard work and way to show your love….please add any layouts made with “Why Don’t We” to the week 3 gallery at DSA! They have been fabulous!
Now stand up, get the blood flowing back to your “arses” and have a great week! Love ya ladies!

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  1. Oh wow That project is sooo cute! lts a great idea!!

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