All About Some Hybrid……finished, phew!

Sorry for the delay, but I need to go on record that food poisoning sucks, and doubly if the whole house gets it…..hahahahahaha! Don’t know what the crappin’ A we ate, but it wasn’t good…… here is my final project, a little delayed:

of course with the usual camera disclaimer….lol! How cute is that element blown out of the box???!!!!!! I told you all the tree was perfect, and I steadily cute out papers to make a total of 12 trees, which means approx. a TWENTY-FOUR page scrapbook and 36 pics I have printed so far!!!!! OMGosh!!!!!
Of course, all the pages are not done, cause I often walk away and come back to embellish a little here and there, but you can get the main idea with these pics. A fabulous idea to round clip them together, so you can add as many as the clip will hold…..lots of room to expand this album. The first page I am showing you here is actually the second side of a park day:

I added some of my own stuff, and how perfect are the colors of my traditional products for the digital kit? My second inside pic is the one I showed you before, using the layout created first, then printed… the little dragon-fly brad I had just sitting around ready for me to to use….:)

This last page is one of my favorite pages in the book, because it included journaling. I didn’t worry about the blurriness on this one cause I wrote several things that are personal, but you can get the jest of it all! I still have several more journal strips to add, but it is hard to think of everything you want to write at one time!!!!!
I titled the two pager ” Funny little things about Asha”, you can see previous post to see details:

The project was super simple once I decided on a shape. I only printed the front and back, as I said in previous post….used that “template” to make an actual one from cardboard(the thin variety used for packing paper product, but very sturdy for future use) I then adhered the “wrong” sides of the scrap paper I wanted to use together. Traced my shape and cut once….huge time saver, but does take a little pre-planning, so you match all the products up if you are doing true hybrid, which is a mix. I then just sat and pulled out stuff I tought would look good, or work with the page…..glued and inked like crazy…duh, you all know me….and…….POOF! A magic scrapbook….HAHAHAHAHAHA! You can find the kit HERE at Gotta Pixel!
I hope this gives you an idea, a small incentive to help you on your scrapbook growth. I had a great time with this one, because I know Asha will always have this to look at, even if she is not here….her perfect tree and summer with Dodo….and PeePop…and Jello….and…..

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