All About Some Magnets!!!!!

I am so excited about my new project, and can’t wait to see how many will try this one!!!!

I recently snagged a fabulous kit of Liz’s called “Growing Up Girl” I mentioned this past week via CT team coupon that I did not have……surprise, lol! I knew I wanted to make a project for that little toddler I have running around, as we are always scrambling to find new things for her entertainment. Since she discovered the fridge this week, and now has it almost covered in paper with unidentifiable squiggles……I had the perfect space to save me from the insanity of repositioning the mother lode of art everytime I opened the dooors! Magentized dolls and what-nots:

This was almost too simple, as I try to make all of my shared projects. Liz had taken out all of the work and made available a ton of fun. There are endless possibilities, so join me in my hybrid journey……..

I started with the basic 8.5×11 transparent, and placed all the things I wanted to print on it. I made a seperate one for the house and numerals (alphabet is being used in yet still another project to be posted later…wink,wink)

I then printed them out on Magnet Sheets I picked up at Office Depot (I know a shameless plug, but that is what we have here in the podunk town I live in) They are located in the photo paper section, and come in small pkgs of 5 sheets for about $12 or so…..I realize a little pricey for some, but a lot can fit on a page, as I had room to spare for much more! My plan is to make a set for a family friend, so adding a gift out of it, makes this a huge cost effective purchase…..I am all about saving some Benjamin’s!

I did choose to use my photo ink option instead of just the tri-color….The magnet paper is ink jet quality, so clearly could handle it without smearing.

Please don’t remind me that my camera stinks, last thing on the list of things to pay for these days…hahahahaha!! My two sheets of printed dolls and what-nots turned out like this.

I love the investment of the magnet sheets, as once I spent about 30 minutes cutting those things out……DONE… glueing! Of course, Emilee and I couldn’t resist playing with them for a little while and managed to take a pic of our efforts:

I am in love with this idea, and have bought a small magnent board for the car, so we take these as a travel along as well……have I already said ENDLESS POSSIBILITES??????

Now, I did mention in my previous post that this was a precious little girl project, but again….Liz is way ahead of the curve and made two fabulous kits for us.

She created a “Growing up Boy” kit as well. How cute are those little trucks!! She also has a WAY CUTE cluster set for each kit, that is adorable.

Both images are linked to her shoppe at Gotta Pixel, and they are having a BLOW-OUT Celebrating The 4TH Sale, so her entire shoppe is 30 % off….WOO HOO!!!!!!

I hope everyone has the courage to try this one, and if you have time….leave me some comments on how it worked out for you.

2 thoughts on “All About Some Magnets!!!!!

  1. Ok, now this really IS a hybrid that I can start with. Awesome girl, and you should see my refrigerators!! Thanks for the awesome instructions, I may have to get you on IM in case I have any troubles….cause sometimes I can have moments too.:D Catch you soon girlie 😛

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