Part One……Matching My Blog!

Okay, all my blog friends, I am sure you have guessed by now…I have almost finished with the cutest summer hybrid! Waiting on some glitter to dry and you will see the final project tomorrow….Yaayyyyyyyy!

I spotted this adorable kit of Sweet Digi Scraps in Liz’s shop at Gotta Pixel
called Play Date:

***image linked to kit in store***

I was doing some serious weekend shopping around because I had been looking for a cool shape to make a hybrid scrapbook for Asha. One her little fingers and hands could hold onto…even if I wasn’t there to help her. Liz, of course said…Go for it!

The tree in this kit is a perfect size and I knew it would work!!!!!!

I started with my usual 8.5 x 11 transparent, pretty much the norm due to printer size. I made one with my tree, and immediately copied and flipped horizontal. I then decorated the front cover just like a scrap page with a few odds and bits. I left the back one plain, so didn’t make a pic to show you. After deciding which elements I wanted to use for the decorations for my pages that will be on the inside (see the cute little frame out cluster in the wagon…SWEET) also placed them all on a 8.5 x 11 transparent. At this point I had “3” papers to print out. (front & elements…see below….and the back)

Because I also have a couple of dozen “water” photos I wanted to include….I then made some small layout type clusters using other scrap kits that related to those photos.
Here is one example using Kristin Aagard’s Pond Play…..she can also be found at Gotta Pixel:

I made several different “layouts” that I wanted to have completed when I went to glue things together, and room enough to include photos I wanted to work into a paper medium… the good old days….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I just can’t get away from paper and I don’t want too……I know the steps, lol!

I then printed out my papers, and went to cutting and edge inking. I pulled out quite a few traditional papers into the mix that matched well, so that I could front/back shape plain paper trees for each page in the book. Glueing my papers wrong sides together, enabled me to cut once and have a double sided tree “page” to decorate.(you will see those steps in the next post, but didn’t want to throw it all at ya’ at once)…… a little for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I am off to the couch for some snuggle time with the hubby and that precocious two year old.
Stay tune tomorrow for the finished project, dried and tied…….


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