Is it Friday yet?
I am so ready to pack up my crap and go on a mini va-ca this weekend….I can’t stand myself. We are going to spend the weekend with friends at an water/amusement park about 4 hours away…….and it is going to be some kind of LEWIS weekend…sketchy on the details.
I am such a kid when it comes to roller coasters and such…my man and I have traveled quite far to go to some of the parks in the USA, just to to amuse ourselves for the weekend…..we are sad.
Since this mini break has been a long time coming, I have found myself constantly trying to come up with things to amuse us, especially on those rainy or HOT summer days. We often have game night, and knew that there were also many times during the out of school months I was going to hear……”I’m bored”……and since……. “go clean your room” wasn’t working, this is what ya get for my creative efforts, lol!

I started with a kit from Sweet Digi Scraps, called:

****image linked to shoppe at Gotta Pixel****

I then created the usual 8.5×11 tranparent background blank page. I pulled a frame and some papers to start my “coaster’s”. I made a small decorated area on each of them to make a “basic page”. This is the same page I used a total of 15 times, I just changed the questions on each set:

When I started this, it was going to be a set for us, but I ended up making a set for a friend’s beach house, and matched her bright colors when I decorated a cardboard box, which happen to go 50% off all the time at Hobby Lobby….got both of these for $2.49!, total, tax and all!!!!! Just cut, glued, filed and inked the edges…….done. All printed on regular copy paper. The coaster’s were done on cardstock, but just to give them some weight.

As I started to do mine, I thought it a perfect opportunity to add a little of my charteuse green in yet still another area, but because of my lingering, pesty OCD and the dust and dirt issues that seem to gross me out all the thime….made mine a closed box with traditional supplies to match my living room.

I made two complete sets of questions….. few good ones I kept for both sets, but added more adult ones to mine for the usual crowd and the fact our kids are older. I am even working on a set that has a “treasure hunt/I spy type theme” to it, they will have to search through the house for the answers…great for a rainy day!
So, my challenge to you, come up with another great theme to make some coasters with….then, share them with me…hahahahaha….I will probably use this idea for a few Christmas presents….the endless possibilties!!!!!

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