Auto Pilot and A Coffee Seatbelt

Do you remember the times when the threat of getting your b*** beat with a switch that you had to go get off a tree yourself, was enough to force you into submission. Well, I have never adopted that parenting style, but often felt like I should have. Our children are smarter, quicker and unfortunately growing up at a warp drive speed that can not possibly be normal. They are bolder, and in my house….require some pretty quick responses to keep them from realizing it all.

I found myself on auto pilot this morning, prior to coffee…..and sharing my bathroom with the youngest. There was this straight ironing, eye-lining, texting one handed…very well I should add….woman child that had replaced my sweet, uncertain daughter. I must have been staring long enough for the multi-tasker to notice, because she cocked her head at me and said……”What’s wrong with you?” Does this imply that by staring at her, there is a definite problem? Or in the staring process, did my face reflect some emotions that had distorted my features into a questionable act. My first reply was a double blink that cleared all thoughts from my head, with the exception of why are you wearing so much liner…you look like photo for don’t do this ….oh crap “did I say that out loud?”. Her face and spinal collapse response assured me I had.
Now, I am stuck in the dilemma of…… do I tell her I didn’t mean to say that, and lose all creditability with my kids and my I will never lie to you rule? or do I just backtrack in silence and let her fuming all the way to her own bathroom be the final word, knowing she will have forgotten it by this afternoon? Never admit quilt until you have at least a few seconds to come up with a reasonable response…leading me to finally look her dead in the eye in a rather sincere way and defending myself with…” I really should only open my mouth to insert coffee into it before 8:00 a.m.”, ahhhhh the universal free pass. Coffee is truly the only thing that keeps me strapped in most days……pharmaceuticals would be the next option.

Since this is the second week of school, much talk has been about the relieved pressures that she no longer feels. Gone are the days of working all year for the much coveted A/B honor roll, just to earn the aqua blue bike “just like in that movie”. Now her response is more on the level of…if it ain’t due tomorrow, I have time. She gets that from her father……my procrastination is more focused and often accompanies the steady moving back and forth of some object that is always a little off….this week the cute cover to the nightlight, just can’t seem to get that sucker straight. Go figure…

Here is a layout, that has that daughter and that bike from previously rewarded efforts, all on one page.:

I used an adorable kit from Sara Ellis called Zoomers. All images are linked to her store at Gotta Pixel. I also had time to make a great birthday card for a friend’s son:

Super easy to do, and I gave it a small pocket for a note and gift card I picked up.Can’t wait until he sees that airplane inside….loves them as his daddy is a pilot!
Feeling alone and dejected this morning after the snuff my daughter gave me as she was leaving, also brought to full frontal realization that Asha has really gone back home. Some of you know my issues with her living so far away, and some don’t…but know that she took with her a piece of my heart that hurts even now three weeks later. Don’t know when she will come home for a visit again, but thought I would make a layout using the last photo we took of her. If only I had known she would be gone that next day….

Okay, even I am tired of this post, so I will leave you with a thought that popped out of ……well you know:

I want cheesecake

3 thoughts on “Auto Pilot and A Coffee Seatbelt

  1. Thanks for sharing your bathroom-thoughts-when-confronted-with-a-teenager-experience, priceless! For us as bystanders without a doubt rather pleasant. For you, yes, I’d recommend sticking to the coffee rather than changing to medication (yet) 😉
    Love your scraps, particularly little Asha, too precious!
    Enjoy your day, I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

  2. I am playing blog catch up LOL I so love coming here and oh how I can relate to that teenager in the bathroom!! Good thing that most days I have a couple of cups of coffee in me before she ever opens her eyes!! Asha is sooo adorable…very sweet layout! Hugs to ya! Ohhh love the card, too!!!

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