I Am Soooooo Doing This……

This is exactly what our next family photo will look like…. no joke, even Mark loves it….

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! So tired of the same old boring photo’s that look good, but don’t really define who you are….and I really want those shoes Zooey is wearing. Love me some wedges, the zebra stripe is icing! I wonder if her legs come with them?

We haven’t had an actual professional shot done in years, and swore this was the year. Of course we have plans for the sepia and b&w’s…but this is the style I want over the fireplace. Bold and a conversation stopper! Need to replace my art, or at least move it around, my house feels stale.

Found this little piece of darling work at a random site you can find HERE …..and wait until you see the grape cluster scarf….. crazy cool.

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