It’s Hybrid Time….WOOHOO!!!!

Good Monday, ladies!
I hope everyone’s weekend was as eventful as mine was….busy, busy! I feel like I got so much done, and please let it continue this week, LOL!
I have one hybrid I have been dying to let everyone see. I made a shower gift for my sister, and I think it was just perfect for the person that likes scrapbooks, but no idea how to do it herself. Now, this was made in png form, so I can insert photos and still custom it for someone else. With hers, I made clear instructions for her to follow, so she can feel like she made it, even if she doesn’t have a scrapbook program….which I think is perfect for that busy first time Mom!
I started with Randi Oh’s Reflections kit
You can find it HERE
(Sorry it is small, blogger doesn’t want to cooperate and make it bigger like the rest..UGH)
I then made a blank, transparent 8.5×11 base sheet to create my individual pages. They are various sizes with widths, but the same 11″ length. I cut some with irregular edges as well using some of the presets within PSE7. I printed them all on plain white cardstock, regular grade (not fancy bazill, just Office Max simple), and trimmed each individual one.
Remember some are not as wide, as I wanted it to have that quirky, fun not a plain boxed edge feel.
I cut out cardboard stock to add between the front/backs of each page to give it additional strength. I have learned this is really helps with mini albums due to them being handled more frequently. I just trimmed the edges to the cardstock and glued them front to back to the cardstock itself, and filed all the edges to help make any scissor cuts more smooth.
 This filing also helps the product accept ink, if you are going to use inking or staining, and you know I am!
Next I gathered traditional products I wanted to include…..this is where I tend to go a little crazy with adding all kinds of until the seams are about to burst.
I picked out ribbons, stickles (colored glitter glue ready to go),chipboard embellishments, rub ons, tabs made from paper stock, metal charms, and various pieces to accent. Most of my embellishments for this project were fom Wild Asparagus Bohemia because the colors were a perfect match!
Now, here is where I think the only “work” is involved. I chose to punch only two holes in this, opposed to three. It is your call, whichever you prefer… rules. I lined up where I wanted my holes and subjected each page to a piercing..hahahahahahaha!!!! Then stacked the pages in order and bound with rings.
At this point, you simply start at the cover and make your way through the album page by page with all your little what-nots……adding and taking away on each page, until you get the look and feel you want.
A little open area for a photo
A really cute already cut paper just folded in half and hole punched as well.
There is the first pocket and I also colored the lines with stickles and added rub-ons.
I even included my invitation so she would already have one saved! Just decorated a bit and punched a hole in it. This is also a great way to save all those cards. You can even include pictures of each guest and adhere to the card you recieved so they can be a part of your album as well. I love doing this!
I also included a spot for Mom and Dad to ink poor baby’s feet and save them on a page forever!
I added rub-ons and some tabs for more visual texture.
Of course a BIG spot for photos with Mommy and Daddy!
This page has a hidden pocket for things to be tucked away, I just cut out around the center of the jewel embellishment and backed it with brown cardstock.
Also guide spot for adding those cards and whatever if she wasn’t sure where would be a good spot to punch them in at within the album.
Because the full name of my nephew is not decided, I chose to decorate a page with his last name initial. Just a bunch of random “j’s” I had on my stash….makes a great 3-d visual as well. I love adding dimension to digi!
I included a tag with a small envelope on the back and a clear small pocket for her tuck away things like a lock of hair or whatever…….
Now for some finishing touches, or as I call it…..Ribbony Goodness!!!! I took my ribbons and made two stack of the ones I wanted to use (two because I have two rings…;)
Cut them to about 5″ lengths.
I just started on one ring, tying them in simple semi knots.
Until I had a mesy mess going on on each ring…..and a cute dangling metal charm.
Now, believe it or not….WE ARE DONE!!!!!!
I am pleased with the album, and Randi made it easy by creating the kit with just the right colors and cuteness I needed! The shower was last night, so it already has a new home waiting on the little one to arrive. I was so excited for my sister to open it. She just kept looking through it over and over….so I think she was happy with it too……;)…I can’t wait until I see it with all the baby stuff inside!

3 thoughts on “It’s Hybrid Time….WOOHOO!!!!

  1. Wow Wow Wow! I’m speechless, this is just amazing! Your sister was probably speechless too! what an amazing gift.
    I have plugged you on my blog, I tried some hybrid too, but compared to this, I need some (A LOT) more practise!

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