Oh, Christmas Tree

Okay, officially at my house, Christmas is near. I have turned on the lights in our fake tree, and can almost smell the cardboard box…………….I mean scent of pine.
So, we have a lit tree, and I did go as far as to put the bolt of fabric I am using for this years tree skirt around the bottom…..but then I stopped. I think I am good, and the rest needs to be decrorated in our usual style. we just randomly place things on the tree as we walk by, or find something laying around we want to add. This year, Russell’s contribution so far, is his favorite Lego man from years past. I didn’t even know he kept it. Emi is considering coming off her precious Pez dispenser collection to add a “few”. I will probably weed through some of my favorites and pull out some ones we haven’t used the last couple of years. I will one day get my orange gerbana, brown zebra, green krewl work tree. May have to be when the kids move out, but it will happen. It is my Christmas tree dream…….don’t ask.
Where do we get these ideas from anyway. I bought a gift bag with these colors on it one spring, and immediately thought Christmas tree….go figure. I have seen some fabulous photos of ideas I want to copy, and have decided I have another hybrid project must be started. I am going to make this instead of and for my Christmas Scrapbook this year:
Who says your scrapbook actually has to be a book. It is all about caprturing some memories. This is going to look FABULOUS in my living room. I have to figure out how to make the stand if I can’t throw some things together from hubby’s shed, but what FUN! I may even make duplicate photo tags while I am a printing anyway, and give a couple out for presents as tag books….way cool, inexpensive idea. I love it!
Then I saw this amazing wall art (and that cute little kitchen space):
Very similiar to a set of plates I have scattered arranged behind my couch, but on a smaller scale. I think this idea may have to go on the wall by my tub, because I use little plates I have collected through the years for soap dishes and stuff that needs a home but should look pretty doing it.
On many thrift store, antique-ing journeys, I have also collected bits of material, aprons and anything fabric wise I loved. My intention was to use on my paper scrap pages, and I have gone through some of it for that as well as fabric crafts. Because I move my stuff around so much….I am doing this next with some of that fabric and cross stitch hoops I have a plenty. Yes, I also cross-stitch, just not as much anymore…I am a busy lady these days…..hahahahahahaha, okay even I had to laugh at that one.
Just have to figure out where to do this…..maybe behind my bed. Isn’t it a great idea for to fill a wall with color and look good too! Oh so pretty it will be!
I hope this post has inspired you do think out of your Christamas box, it it what is intended by it’s publish. This is the perfect economical times to think cost effective, warm gift giving in one. Let me know if you find any other fabulous finds out there for us to share!

One thought on “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. hey hun…I’m trying to read everything I missed here…
    Great idea with plates,love that album, Asha is so adorable…and I’m sorry for that your sister-in-law not coming for Christmas(If I understand right!lol)

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