Say What?

I am so behind these days with packing, unpacking, traveling….losing crap.
Please don’t tell me I am the only one?
I have a hybrid tutorial coming up this week that
reflects how I have been spending my time as of late.
I have been using these sets by Creations by Rachael
They can be found in the Gotta Pixel Store.
So if you want to follow along, swing by and pick these up.
There is also some fabulous little cluster and word art sets
that match the kits and have made my life easier trying to keep
this hybrid album an ongoing work as we continue to travel this summer
with my Mom to Houston back and forth.
I will say that all the photos used so far are from an instant camera
because someone forgot hers our first trip…who would that be?!?!
Here is a closeup sneak of the cover:
The details are stunning when printed, I am already in love with this one!
Also, I will be giving out exclusive freebies on my FaceBook page
that you can not get here on my blog starting this month.
Including an upcoming RAK…just for those who stay on the ball.
Make sure you swing by and friend me!
So get your hybrid supplies ready, grab you some fun kits to use,
join me on facebook…and we will start out hyrbid journey
come tomorrow morning….:)

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