Mondays are special

You may ask … what is she talking about over at that blog? Has she lost her mind…Mondays – special? Yes, they are a day of new beginnings for the week. Fresh ideas to put to paper. Reflections of what you hoped to finish last week and didn’t, hahaha! They can mean the break or break of your week, but also that it is only the first day, so you can’t fail…yet. That makes them good for many reasons.

I have a bunch of lists that are staring at me from my desk note holder, and yet I still can’t quite get it into gear. I think of what I need to do, open PSE…then click on Pinterest. Read some notes for a new kit, then open Goggle and search for that elusive “Generals Chicken” recipe that taste just like the restaurant down the road. What does that mean? Winter doldrums or Spring almost Fever?

We had a sweet Valentine’s Day here, the hubby and I. We ordered some sushi, rented a pay per view movie, then chilled on the couch. Cheap easy date, and I didn’t even have to get out of my pj’s. Sublime!

For those that are still grabbing up some Etc stash over at my new Scrap Orchard Store, I posted this coupon that expires midnight Feb. 18, so shop by tomorrow evening!

I did place all of my Valentine’s or Love inspired products in the Valentine’s Day Category, and they are on sale. The coupon works on top of that sale – WOOHOO!.
Need some more convincing that Mondays can be owned?!?!
Post-its on a whole new level
Photos- in a bowl – *SWOON*
See, I told you Mondays are special. Grab yours by the horns!
See you soon ♥

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