Love, Life, and Etc. Scrapping and Saving from your Device

As we ease our way into the new year with our memory keeping, I wanted to share how keeping memories has changed for me this past year.

I have always created paper pages when the mood strikes and I have new goodies, but rarely share them online. They go straight into an album, without any chronological order, or are given as presents. I generally do scrap more in digital, and about 1/2 of my pages make into the galleries during events or releases. This past year, I even added to my creative endeavors with paper pocket style/Project Life, but again…found that paper did not always offer me what I wanted. I love printing some of my own designs into a card and using them next to another card with photos.

What does all this mean for me or those like me that want it all? I don’t have one place that I can share paper, digital, project life, app scrap booking so starting 2015, we will use this space. The Etc by Danyale website and blog!

We will refer to our journey here of our love for memory keeping, including all of our daily life into our pages, and the other bits that come along – the etc ….


One of the 1st things we are sharing, are ways to get you started with a fun new way to simplify memory keeping is with some fabulous easy quick apps – right on your phone!

Do you find yourself with less time to sit at the computer but time with your phone, or tablet is easy to come by? Even a little bit of time can give you a chance to get a journal card, or a photo collage ready for your weekly documentation.

With these apps, we can easily snap that photo, prepare it for 3×4 printing on a 4×6 for pocket scrapping, and send it to storage until you are ready to print! How fabulous is a that?

Here are the apps we are using to get you started for future tutorials. I can share the ones I am personally familiar with and use, but there are others similar. Check your phone “store” for comparisons, just use our guide to help you choose:

Pic Frame
Pic Frame: Free, Ad Supported.

Lets you change your ratio (we use 3:2 for creating 2 3×4 photos on a 4×6 size), with a full feature selection of grid options. It allows you to leave corners square, or choose the degree they are rounded from slight to very round, almost an ellipse on each end.

I stuck with this one after trying several for it’s simplicity. I absolutely have done 10-12 photos in 5 minutes or so sitting at the Dr office. It is the BOMB for ease, simple to use and it’s FREE!


Aviary: Free, with in-app purchases
Android          iTunes

With a free Adobe ID, you can now unlock Aviary’s complete collection of photo editing supplies – a $200 value free until 1/5/2015 and yours to keep forever!

Aviary is like having a micro editing version of Photoshop right on your phone. If you have a Photoshop registered account, when sign up with this app before 1/5, you also get all of their content FREE! I downloaded some fabulous effects for photos, and they only take 1-click. LOVE IT!


DropBox : Free account starting with 2 GB of space. You can earn more, or choose to pay for a larger account if desired.

Dropbox is a great tool for storing that you can send journal cards from your computer to use on your 3:2 ratios photos with a 3×4 photo | Journal card and they both fit in 1 4×6 size (we will show you more of that this week). For my process, I created a folder in Dropbox called “Pocket photos/Journal Cards”. I love that my husband can also share his photos straight into my Dropbox from his phone. I never have to chase down photos he takes AND he is actually contributing more to our albums. I think this takes our family books to a whole new level. More on that coming with other “men” ideas in this series.

Phew! Are you still with me?

We will give you a couple of days to sort which of these apps you can choose and install, and trust me when I say that installing them is the hardest part! We will follow up with explanations on how we use them and many examples, before and after printing so you can see how I use these myself in my own albums.

Spend some time this weekend finding these apps or similar, and we will be back with step by step on how we use them. Don’t forget to come join us in the Etc by Danyale Pocket Group to keep in the current and chat with me and the team!

One thought on “Love, Life, and Etc. Scrapping and Saving from your Device

  1. I am so glad you have shown apps for android! I have just switched from iPhone to Android and I feel so lost with what apps to pick and choose!
    ALSO… I just did the Photo Editor sign in and it said it is available until 2/2/15!! Even better!!
    Thanks for the tips, I can’t wait to do some phone/tablet pocket scrapping!

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