Scrap Play Series – Adding a Border to a Photo

This past weekend during the Scrapper Bowl 2015, I shared a quick tip on adding a simple border to a photo. I personally love to do this to many pages especially if they are a frame-less or a kit does not include a frame I want to use or at all. I think it helps add a bit of a highlight to the photo helping it standout from the papers.

As another tutorial in the Scrap Play series, this is a handy one to keep in mind for many reasons.


Many of you will often just choose to double click on the fx in your layer that you are wanting to “stroke”. That is a quick easy way, but when doing so – although it does add the border to your photo, the corners will have rounded edges. If that works perfect for you, great! If you want a cleaner line with a sharp clean edge that mimics the edge of the photo, then taking the extra step I share will help you achieve that.

Can I use this on elements within a kit you ask? hahaha, yes you can! This is a great handy tool to use on elements if you want to have a sticker like look. Sometimes, this is a handy tool to add a border to a journal card, create a birthday card that looks store produced, invitations with a professional touch, or maybe even a an alpha.

The possibilities are endless, so feel free to go crazy and play with this tool in your PSE all you want!


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