Using your phone for Pocket Memory Keeping – Take 1

Today we are talking about using your phone for taking the bulk of your family photos and THEN using phone apps to edit and download for printing. I know that many of you are saying, yeah I am never going to do that.

I was one of you.

Then I had to face a few truths about myself and photo taking. It was not pretty.


1. I almost ALWAYS forget to take my camera or charge it…but mostly forget to even take it. By doing so, I found myself often saying “****, I forgot my camera.” Are you feeling me yet?

2. Learned to NEVER pass the camera to my husband no matter how much I would like to be included in the photos. He excels at obtaining the perfect view of my double chin or front butt or back boob. You pick any undesirable location, he can sniff it out and capture it for eternity. Selfies have saved our marriage. True story

3. Admitted my own inability to find the USB cord to my camera so I could upload from my camera to my computer so that I could Photoshop off my chins, brighten many sets of teeth and click on 1 of a hundred-thirty “presets” I just HAD to have that if I am honest, rarely use. Yes, that was a run-on sentence, but hopefully I displayed my panic when it is time to do this action.

4. Uploading my photos to an appropriate photo service that won’t “gloss, cut off, or otherwise mess up” on my already barely passable photos became a chore. This really is a hard thing to do, but finding time to edit the few or many photos I captured much less “upload” for printing was something I needed to “pencil” into my life. Finally in this day and age there are many companies out there to help. I will share a few I have used in the upcoming weeks.

These reasons and more is why I have embraced my camera phone. You heard it here, my sweet little Samsung Galaxy Note III camera is actually better than my Nikon in that is almost always there and manages to capture moments I would have otherwise missed. I now take more photos than ever and using my phone with a few apps has put me light years ahead in my own memory keeping.

I love pocket scrapping and getting my hands gooey with glue still, so am learning ways to embrace all forms of memory keeping in this digital age. Once you have taken your photos, they sit there patiently waiting for you to get them ready for sharing. I save my photos automatically from my phone in Dropbox so I can pull them up from my camera or computer for editing later or vice versa

The first phone app I am going to talk to you about, is PicFrame. Not to be mistaken for the I-phone paid version (I have an android), this one if the free one. We discussed some of the apps I use in THIS POST.picframe.JPG

I utilize mostly a 3×4 or standard 4×6 photo in my albums, so this app allows me to do  3×4’s side by side on one photo field for printing. Ready to fit in the pocket and saves tons of money.

I can do this now, with ready to print (no editing required) photos. I was able to get 10 (20 if you are counting I did 3×4’s) photos ready the other day waiting for my Chinese food order. Seriously, this did happen.

When you open the app, you will see a screen like this:


You will see that I have selected the 3:2 ratio, and the “red” highlighted format for 2 – 3×4’s on 1 – 4×6 photo field. You have lots of options to choose for photo layout and feel free to use them all depending on how you sort your albums.
Once you click the format you want, that will open a screen like this (below is the 2 – 3×4’s):
When you choose each one of the + signs, it will ask you where you want to grab your photo from and it will pull your photo from any album/dropbox to that space. From there those little buttons along the bottom will allow you to change how much white space is around your photo if you want rounded corners, rotate your photo (handy tool when you take vertical photos), etc.
Just play around until you find your groove – it’s the best way to teach you how to familiarize yourself with the app. Once you have both your photos the way you want them on the 4×6 space, just click on that downward arrow at the top. It will save this “new version” of your photos in a PicFrame Album.
This is a photo set I did recently. We celebrated our anniversary with dinner, dessert, bubbly and walk downtown. I had them re-sized, added to PicFrame and ready to print before I went to bed that night! I did not edit my photos that night, I loved them the way they were.
An added step is that I go into my PicFrame album every few days and send all those photos to my Dropbox so I can upload to the printing source I choose then delete them out of my phone so I know they are ready for me to print. What is great about this, is that you can also double check them from your computer once they are there.
I have heard that some apps do not send the photo true size from the phone to your printing source. Feel free to try uploading to your printing source via your phone and get back with me. I will stick to the way I know is tried and true for now but I would love to know if there is a percentage that is does not work for.
Let me know how you like the app or any questions you may have about using it. Next time we will talking about editing a photo from your phone via an app that I myself am learning to love – OH NO, the horror! haha! See ya soon! ♥

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