Earth Day

I’ve always been an accidentally green person. I clothed diapered, have 2 recycle bins, and enjoy shopping at thrift stores for gently used items. I never thought about it in regards to my hobby of scrapping.

I was a paper scrapper for years. I started scrapping when I was in high school – 18 years ago. Like a lot of scrappers I collected supplies as well as used them. I had stacks of paper, books of stickers, do-dads of all kinds – brads, eyelets, ribbon, etc.IMG_8543

On the left, is my pattern paper on one of the days I sorted it out. I went through a few different ways of organizing, and it always seemed to start with me not finding the paper – I wanted until it was all spread across my workspace!

The turning point for me was the end of 2012 when I decided that I wanted to do Project Life® the next year. I knew I wouldn’t keep up with it in paper – waiting for photos to be printed and picked up, having lots of different cards to store, and trying to decide which photos should be 3×4 and which 4×6 before I printed. So, on a whim, I decided to try digital. I love it! I love that my paper collection is huge, but requires very little storage space. I love that all my scrap supplies are reusable. I love that when I decide something is no longer me,  it’s a simple delete key. I don’t feel bad throwing paper into the recycle bin, or feel like I need to find someone else that wants my old supplies.

IMG_8544Digital scrapping is another way in which I’ve become accidentally green. I no longer have a huge pile of cardstock sitting on my desk.  I do have some paper for hybrid projects, but it’s very little in comparison.

My Scrap Orchard mouse pad sums it up:

Save a Tree. Go Green. Scrap Digital.

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