Photography Tutorial Editing Part 2: Noise

Welcome back! Laurie here and I am glad you came back to follow along on one of my typical photo edits. Last time we covered editing the levels of your image, the adjustment of the level of light and dark areas of your image.

Next we will cover the removal of “noise” from the image; speckles or graininess of on an otherwise smooth surface which can significantly degrade image quality.

I am using Photoshop Elements 12.


Here is the Autumn photo of my daughter, after the level adjustment from our last discussion. This image has a lot of natural light, so there won’t be a lot of noise (speckles or graininess). But, I want to stick with this image so that once we’ve discussed the first three edits completely, that I make to an image, we can see the difference between the photos from the original to the final. So, try this on one of your images that looks a bit grainy and see the difference it can make.

At the top toolbar in Photoshop Elements go to “Filter”, “Noise”, and then “Reduce Noise” as seen in the image below.

photo 2-1

A settings box will appear. Set the “Strength” to 10, set “Preserve Details” to 100% and set “Reduce Color Noise” to 100%, and then hit okay. And that should do it.

Photo 2-2

And here is a before and after to show the results, which isn’t much on this specific image. But, trust me, try it on an image with a lot of speckles or graininess; it really can and does make a difference, especially in the final image.

2 BeforeAfter

Come back next time and we will discuss the third and final edit I make to every image I work with: “Sharpening.”

 Tah! Tah! Til’ then. 🙂

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