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Today’s topic is removing an object from a photo.  I know everyone has taken a photo only to find an object in there that distracts you from the photos intent, and you just want it out there.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to remove that object from your photo, so lets get started.

I am using Photoshop Elements 12, but the steps are similar in most photo editing programs.

  1. Open your photo in Expert Mode in Photoshop Elements. Here is my image and I want to remove the gal in pink that is running on the beach in the background.

Step 1

  1. On your tool bar, look for the clone stamp. (It looks like a stamp and is shaded darker in my tool bar on the image below.) Click on that and you are ready to start cloning out that object.
  2. Now zoom in on the object you would like to clone out.

Step 2

4.  In my image, I’ve got that gal in pink I’m removing. To do that, I’m going to select a portion of the photo next to the girl by holding “alt” well clicking the mouse. Then, I will just click on the gal and it will replace it with what I’ve “alt clicked”.  Notice that the portion of the photo you selected with the cloning stamp will move, as you hover over the object you’re trying to remove. I’ve removed her legs in the below image to show you the results.

Step 3


5.  Note, you should change-up the size and opacity of your stamp to see the results and to decide what works best.  Here is my final image. Pretty awesome, right?!
FinalHere is another before and after. I wanted to remove my reflection out of her glasses.











I hope this helps you “clean” up your photos a bit if you need.

~ Laurie

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