Photography Tutorial Shooting on Sunshine Filled Days

Since it is Summer here, in my part of the world, I thought what better topic to cover then shooting on a bright sunny day.  Summer brings everyone outside and photos are a must! Right?!
But, I want to point out that bright sunny days do not always mean your shots will be their best.

Shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is directly above and the light is coming straight down at you, can leave heavy shadows in places you don’t want them, such as on your subjects face. And that sun cause your subjects to squint. Eeeeks!

So here are a few pointers if your heading out into the sunshine filed day:

1. Turn that flash on.

I know it seems a bit odd to be turning the flash on when it’s so bright and sunny, but by doing so it adds some extra light to shadows, especially under the eyes.

2. Shoot in the Shade

Another easy way to stop the shadows on the face of your subject is to simply move them (and yourself) to the shade to shoot.  You want to look for a spot that is not too dark and has even light falling on them.

3. Use a Reflector

Shooting in shade and using a reflector can give an image even lighting. If you don’t own a reflector, you can use any white or light surface.  Held at the right angle it will give your subject a little extra light.

Now get out there in the sun and have fun snapping pics! 🙂



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