Photography Tutorial: Facebook Photos

Hello again, it’s your friendly photographer Laurie here. I’m back today with a few steps to make your photos sharper for Facebook. We Facebookers love sharing photos with our family and friend, and most of us know, that Facebook compresses images reducing the quality and sharpness. And yep, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! So, here are three short steps to prep your images for sharing.

  1. The first thing we want to do is resize the image.   Go to [image>image size] and set the longest edge at 2000 pixels, leaving the resolution at 72 because it doesn’t affect the screen display.

Photo 1 web

  1. Next use the “unsharp mask” to apply some sharpening. Go to [filter>sharpen>unsharp mask]. My typical settings are below, but play with sliders because this is where your own personal taste comes in.

Radius: .5

Threshold: 0

Amount: 50 – 150

Photo 2 web

  1. Your final step is to save your image. Go to [File > Save for Web]. Most people save their web images as JPEGs, but I just recently started saving mine as PNG files because I found it achieves a better result on Facebook.

Photo 3 web

I hope this helps you improve your photos that you share on Facebook!



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