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Due to a cross country move, I’ve had a lot of stuff in storage. The stuff that you will get back to, someday. Well, someday came last night. I enjoyed looking through some old journals, and seeing notes I passed in school. I even found this “Smashbook” type page from 1996!


At the bottom of the tub, carefully wrapped I found a framed painting. The care that had been taken by my younger self indicated it was important to me. But the artists name did not ring any bells. I had no clue where in my history this person fell.  Luckily, I also had an address book that I had dutifully updated from age 8 to 16. And the artist was listed in my book allowing me to put a face and a place to her name.

As I started to browse my old scrapbooks, I realized that I have a few pages with no names. The photos give me more context than the painting did. But I will have to check with my mom, and see if she remembers the name. If not, I’ll be digging through old journals and scraps of paper looking for a clue to their identity. Luckily, I changed my ways, and have started including names on my pages.

Do you add names to scrap pages? Or do you hope that you will remember who that person is? Let us know what helps you to name/date/journal your craft projects!



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