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I hear a lot of memory keepers talk about how they hate to write. They don’t want to do the journaling. Some just don’t do any and leave the story out. Others set  the journaling aside for another time {and usually don’t get to it}. Some love journaling and embrace the words, but those people seem to be more rare in my world! For me, there is a purpose in what I made. Either I am just playing with paper or pixels, and all the  journaling needed is the who and when. Or I wanted to tell something. I wanted to capture a moment in time. Or a feeling. Or a quote or thought. Knowing that doesn’t get the words on the page, so when I’m stumped for how to start, I ask myself: Why did I take the photo?

After reading Lor’s Shooting Autumn Photo Tips, I was inspired to grab a few autumn shots of my son. I apparently forgot that he is 5 and doesn’t like to sit still. Instead of a classic fall photo with him in the leaves, I have about 20 silly photos – funny faces, silly hands, and his current favorite – feet. Rather than get frustrated, I decided to just embrace it. After all, this is his personality!


My page idea promptly turned from a simple who and when to more. I decided instead to tell the story of why. Why did I take this photo? What does it mean to me?

Etc by Danyale Climbing Trees and Falling leaves
Etc by Danyale Climbing Trees and Falling leaves

I took it to remember my little boy who splashes in puddles. My little boy who loves to giggle. My little boy that’s full of energy. My thoughts are simple, but they start to paint a picture of a little boy at five years old.

So, if you don’t think you have anything to journal about, try my simple question:  why did you take the photo? Or a similar question: what memory are you preserving?

Are you a journaling lover or hater? Share with us in the comments!



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