Photography Tutorial: Shooting Autumn Photo Tips

Hi, Laurie here with some Autumn photo tips you can use when outdoors.

I love Autumn here in the Midwest and all its beauty! It’s glorious colors inspire me to take my cues from the hues. Thus, I’m outside, with my camera in-hand, a lot(like every day)! Here are a number of tips to assist you in preparing yourself and your subjects prior to getting out amongst those reds, oranges, golds and browns that paint Autumn.

  1. Preparation – Be sure your camera equipment is charged and you have a empty card in your camera. Bring snacks if you shooting children; you can use treats as a bribe for good subjects and smiles.
  1. Weather – Check the weather, as here in the Midwest the weather can change quickly. Getting rained out does not make for a successful shoot unless everyone is dressed appropriately for it.
  2. Clothing choices – Try and have everyone wear natural tones that will either compliment the colors of the leaves and trees, or blend in. Try and avoid clashing patterns or colors among your subjects by discussing it in advance, and maybe come up with a color theme that everyone can include. Also avoid t-shirts or sweatshirts that have dominant logos.
  3. Location – Location is essential for any shoot, but for autumn you want to find the best colors and textures you can. Scout around your shoot location prior to the arrival of your subjects and view these location through your lens to get a peek at what it may look like as a backdrop to your portraits.
  4. Getting natural smiles – There are a number of ways to get smiles out of your subjects… a joke or goofy face. But whatever it is you use, be sure and snap the during and after effects to catch those belly laughs through to the natural smiles. I always tell them to “Act like you love each other,” it works every time.

Editing – For editing, I use Photoshop Elements, a few adjustment and maybe some actions if necessary. It depends on what you have envisioned as a final portrait. If you don’t have actions, I suggest going to your saturation panel and increase the Reds, Greens and Yellows in your image to make those colors pop. Below is an example of the results:

Autumnbefore1web Autumnafter1web

Happy Shooting! What does Autumn look like in your part of the world?



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