Tips and Tricks: Playing with Paint

Are you crazy for all the fabulous ways to add paint to your pages? This is one of our favorite trends that never goes out of style – even if you don’t have a style. Paint is an easy way to add depth to your backgrounds and give different layers on your pages more substance.

There are some beautiful paints that have been released in the Etc store with some products and one of the most recent ones is Full O’Blarney Paint.


The paint is beautiful, but for my photo, some of the colors don’t quite work. I could try to change the hue/saturation, but there’s an easier way. Just change the blending mode! The screenshots below are Photoshop, but it works the same in Photoshop Elements.

The original blend and paint is:

Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.54.55

The colors are good, but not quite the mood I want for the photo. Below, I only changed the blending mode.


Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.54.16

Linear Burn: Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.54.30

Difference: Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.59.33


Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.55.58

The blending mode changes the mood and look of the paint entirely. If you look closely, some of the paint has disappeared in the different blending modes.

A simple change can give a your paint a while new look with a simple click. Layering the paint with different blending modes can create even more new looks with the same paint.

Check out all the blending and paint that was used on this layout by Jude:

Now it’s your turn to show us your painted layouts!

…….and check out our April Blog Challenge coming this week. wink-wink 😉

2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks: Playing with Paint

  1. Blending mode changes also work great for creating titles with alphas. Thanks for reminding me to use this tool – just another one in the bag of tricks!

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