Lazy Sunday – Is it really camping?

Recently, we returned from our annual camping trip. This event is something we, as a family look forward to every year. My husband gets his hunting stuff out and dusted off and we head to a favorite neck of the woods. We sit around the camp fire, talk smack, laugh, walk around the lake, hike in the woods and take up space in a favorite hammock for naps. Everyday. On repeat. It is unplugged and much needed by the time it rolls around.

For years, we slept in sleeping bags butted up against each other in a family tent. Then we graduated up to the fancy “air mattress”, a bigger tent (with a screened in area – really?) and at one point literally took a queen mattress to sleep on. We got more and more desperate to find comfort for our aging backs as our time camping went from 3 days to 10 days.

We fought bugs, heat, cold, public bathrooms, burnt food, melting ice, stale bread and chips, and more canned sodas then one family should drink in a year much less in days. The kids were growing up and out. There were many tears or yelling about everything that went wrong with sarcastic blame and even from the kids sometimes.


One year, after “testing” a camper borrowed from a friend – we became the proud owners of a real life “mobile home” over a text message of that same camper. Signed, sealed, delivered. Twenty six feet of all the comforts of home and parked in our postage stamp size yard. Our neighbors love us.


Kitchen, table, couch, slide out for 4 feet of walk space, a bed, ac/heat, bathroom AND a hook up for the TV so we don’t miss any of our love of the football. Sigh – the sun came out and I suddenly love camping again.


Some friends came up to visit and enjoy nature with us. They asked the all important question.

“Is this really camping?”


Are we in the woods? Yes

Are we sleeping in close proximity to nature and the animals of the wild? Yes

Are there chairs around a fire pit and we naturally gravitate there? Yes

Do we bring our own toilet paper? Yes

Are there bugs and do we smell like DEET for a week? Yes

I think the biggest and overwhelming fact in point is that while we are definitely high rolling in our camper, we have no internet.  That is it – without that, you are definitely roughing it. Case closed.

One thought on “Lazy Sunday – Is it really camping?

  1. I grew up RV camping and I loved it! I didn’t sleep outdoors in a tent until I was a grown up. While I didn’t think it was completely horrible, sleeping on the ground is definitely rougher. But people had camp stoves and all sorts of things that I had no idea existed. Someday I’d love to have an RV and camp that way.

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