Technique Tuesday – Hybrid Planner Stickers!

Hi everyone!
It’s Cathy with another hybrid technique. Today I’m going to share how to use the Silhouette Studio software to create stickers for your planner using one of Danyale’s beautiful kits!
First you’ll want to take some measurements. I’m designing stickers for a weekly layout in my ECLP (Erin Condren Life Planner). The 3 boxes on each day measure 1.9″ high by 1.5″ wide.
Now in the Silhouette Studio software I am going to create a rectangle that size. I then duplicated and create a few rows of that same size rectangle.
The Now & Then Collab Journal Cards make it so easy to create the daily box stickers.  Once you have your rectangle shape set up, simply drag the corresponding file into the screen for your Silhouette Studio software and hover directly over the rectangle shape.
You will see it fill the shape with the journal card. Just let go of your mouse.  Ta-da! Now continue to do this with other journal cards, or patterned/solid papers from the kit until you have all the rectangle shapes filled.
Now I want to use some of the elements from the Now & Then kit to create accent stickers.  So I simply drag those items into the work area of the Silhouette Studio software.  Notice that they are a bit large. I will use the corners of each item individually to resize them.
Once they are sized as you would like, you can trace them to create a cute line.  Open the Trace window and select Click on Select Trace Area. Click and drag your mouse over the items that you want to trace. Notice that “High Filter Pass Filter” is selected. You’re going to want to deselect that.
Once you uncheck High Pass Filter. slide the Threshold level as high (to the right) as you can while still having clean lines. Then slide the Scale as low (to the left) as you can. This will cause the entire element to be highlighted yellow.  Now click on Trace Outer Edge.  This will create a cut area around each of the elements.
Some elements you many not want to cut right at the edge. For instance the flower and leaf. I’d like to have a small white border around them. To do this, you can use the Offset tool.  Click the cut line of the element you want to offset, in this case the flower.
Make sure you are selecting just the cut line and not the image.  Then click on the Offset tool.  Set the shape to be Round and reduce the distance to about .25.
Now click to select the original cut line that was on the edge of the element and delete it. This will leave you with a cut line that gives a nice border to your element.
Once you have all of your items laid out in the Silhouette Studio work area, turn on the Registrations Marks.  Be certain that all of your items are inside the print and cut border and clear of the registration marks.
Load sticker paper into your printer and send the file to print. I use Staples Sticker Paper when create the stickers for my planner. Now lay the printout on your cutting mat and load it into your Silhouette cutting machine.
Use the cut settings for White Sticker Paper in the Silhouette Software. I find this modification of those settings to work just fine for me:
Blade: 2
Speed: 4
Thickness: 6
Now you are ready to start decorating your planner with beautiful stickers that you made yourself from one of any Etc by Danyale digital kits!
Happy Creating,

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